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We're on a mission that's driven by memories and focused on spreading goodwill with T-shirts for charity and apparel that support the important work of select nonprofits.

We believe memories bring out the best in us. Memories help us reflect and learn. We want to share with you one of our memories in hopes it will remind you of Joseph – a young soul who carried goodwill in his heart. Joseph displayed values of kindness, integrity, and passion, and the mission of Eighto2 Shop is to celebrate the goodness and happiness that our son Joseph brought to this world in his 20 years of life. Each time you put on Eighto2 clothing, we hope it reminds you of Joseph’s warm-heartedness and care for others.

Eighto2 Shop is a community-based effort put together to spread goodwill wide and far. On our website, you can find T-shirts, clothing, and apparel for charities that Joseph supported, as well as many more. Our goal is to spread awareness of the good deeds these charities strive to achieve in our daily lives. For every charity T-shirt or other item purchased from our website, we will donate a portion of the proceeds to the associated charity or nonprofit!


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