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VH1 Save the Music Foundation Makes Music Accessible Nationwide

Posted by Paula Schmitt on

VH1 Save the Music Foundation has been actively saving the music in schools nationwide for 20 years. Through its efforts, VH1 Save the Music Foundation has positively impacted the lives of millions of students in more than 2,000 schools across the country. 

Why VH1 Save the Music Foundation is Vital

VH1 Save the Music Foundation works in conjunction with schools to invest in their musical programs. It donates instruments, music technology, and other equipment to help jumpstart a school's musical program. 

In addition, the foundation supports music teachers with professional development, ongoing support, and other resources to help them be the best teachers they can be. 

Finally, VH1 Save the Music Foundation advocates for music education programs in all schools at the local, state, and national levels, helping to ensure that students nationwide have access to music programs. 

Why Music Education is Vital

People often wonder why this foundation is so critical to the well-being of children. That is an easy answer. The power of music is life-changing. Mastering music builds self-confidence, broadens horizons, and improves classroom learning. 

In fact, studies have shown that when children learn music, their brains actually become more efficient at processing information. Music strengthens:

  • Memory and Reading Skills
  • Multisensory Processing (Multitasking)
  • Blood Flow in the Brain
  • Executive Function (Processing information, controlling behavior, etc.)

We Support VH1 Save the Music Foundation

Eighto2Shop is a proud supporter of VH1 Save the Music Foundation. Through our sales, we help to further their cause of bringing music to children nationwide. We're committed to helping VH1 Save the Music Foundation continue to bring music education to children because we know it will make a lasting impact on children's lives. 

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