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Tony Hawk Foundation Skateboard Study

Posted by Paula Schmitt on

The Tony Hawk Foundation is offering a survey all across social media, and they hope that skateboarders of all ages, skill levels, and ethnicities will participate in it. As you know by now, the Tony Hawk Foundation is all about doing good in the world through skateboarding and skateboarding culture, and this new survey is an extension of that. 

Tony Hawk Foundation - A Commitment to the Underserved

The Tony Hawk Foundation is committed to bringing joy and a safe form of entertainment and socialization to underserved communities with their skateparks. The foundation has a strong record of building skate parks in low-income communities, with over 600 skate parks built across all 50 states. 

Now, the foundation is trying to do more to strengthen both the skate community and the communities surrounding it through a new survey studying the impact of skating on those who love it and the communities in which they live. 

Learning How Skateboarding Impacts Society

This second round of the foundation's national survey launched in June, and both it and its predecessor are focused on helping the foundation better understand how skateboarding impacts both skateboarders and society. 

At 10 minutes, the survey is incredibly short, and it helps the Tony Hawk Foundation better serve its large community. Questions in the survey focus on skills skaters glean from skateboarding, how skaters believe they're perceived, education and career goals, and resources that skateboarders are often unable to access. 

According to Tony Hawk, the study is key to understanding skateboard culture and how it meshes with the community, saying, "Even though skateboarding has been around for over half a century, we are just beginning to learn about the impact it has on communities. This study is truly unique and will be paramount to our work."

Eighto2 Shop is Proud to Support the Tony Hawk Foundation

Eighto2 Shop is a proud supporter of the Tony Hawk Foundation and the work that it does. When you purchase certain products from our store, you'll be helping to directly impact the lives of people in underserved communities all across the country. Today, we're highlighting five of our most popular apparel items that directly support the Tony Hawk Foundation. 

The Tony Hawk Foundation does important work in communities across the country, and we hope you'll join us in helping to further their cause. It's an important way to help kids do something constructive and safe outside of school hours. 

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