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Pacer Center and Eighto2 Shop Champion the Disabled

Posted by Paula Schmitt on

Pacer Center is devoted to enhancing the quality of life and expanding opportunities for disabled children, youth, and young adults with disabilities. Their ideals of parents helping parents, supporting, families, promoting a safe environment for children, and collaborating with others are what drive Pacer Center to work towards the highest excellence in championing the health and well-being of all disabled youth and young adults. 

The History of Pacer Center

Established in 1977, the center began with the same focus it has today - parents helping parents. Just as it is today, the center staff was composed mainly of parents of disabled children and was dedicated to educating other parents and improving the lives of disabled children throughout Minnesota. 

Today, Pacer Center offers over 30 programs for parents, students, professionals, and other parent organizations, but their original philosophy remains the same. Parents helping parents is the best way to improve the lives of disabled children and young adults. 

Pacer Center Accomplishments

Pacer center has never been content to just do what it's always done. Rather, it continues to focus on adding and improving programs to further help those who need it the most. Focusing on improving the lives of disabled youth, the center has done everything from championing national legislation to improve parental training to fighting against bullying. 

  • 1979 - Pacer launches Count Me IN, a puppet program designed to teach inclusion to elementary and preschool children.
  • 1982 - Pacer sponsors its first benefit with around 75 attendees at Children's Theater. Today it's considered the "hottest ticket in town". 
  • 1983 - Pacer helps write national legislation for parental training and informational centers.
  • 1984 - Pacer becomes a national force in assisting parents of disabled children by becoming a Technical Assistance for Parents Project Regional Office. 
  • 2004 - Pacer's first HOT party is launched. It's now called Pacer Rocks for Kids and is held every winter.
  • 2005 - Pacer expands globally with an assistive technology program in India. It further expands globally with organizations in England and Japan.
  • 2006 - Pacer launched, a website devoted to helping children deal with and prevent bullying. 
  • 2008 - Pacer and IBM partner to open the first technology center for disabled children and adults in Bangalore, India. 
  • 2009 - Demi Lovato works with Pacer to launch, a website designed to help teens deal with and prevent bullying. 
  • 2010 - Pacer's National Bullying Prevention Awareness Week become National Bullying Prevention Month, receiving national publicity from CNN, Family Circle, Woman's Day, People, Ellen DeGeneres' website, CBS Today Show, and NBC with Brian Williams. 

Pacer Center and Eighto2 Shop Partner to Help Disabled Children

Eighto2 Shop is pleased to announce that we are proud partners of Pacer Center and its mission to help children and young adults with disabilities. When you make a purchase from Eighto2 Shop, your money goes to help make the world a better place for disabled children and young adults. It's never been easier to do good. So please, help us and Pacer Center in the fight to make the world a better place for those who need a helping hand. 

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