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Making the World Better with Care

Posted by Paula Schmitt on

Making the world better is what it's all about here at Eighto2 Shop. It's been our mission from the beginning to use our store to raise money for various charities that help make a positive impact on our planet. Making the world better is also the mission of Care, which is why Eighto2 Shop is happy to partner with them in their crusade. 

Making the World Better Starts with Poverty


Poverty is the number one roadblock of families across the globe. Living in poverty means a lack of education, basic resources and services, and being so deprived of financial means that those who want to move and escape the poverty that they're in cannot. 

Care's mission is to help end poverty and everything that is associated with it. They start with women, providing community-based efforts to improve basic education, increase access to healthcare, and expand economic opportunity for all. 

Care offers a real solution to poverty, rather than a bandaid by providing tools for sustainable change to those most susceptible to hunger, violence, and disease. By giving these people tools and aid in tandem, Care helps make the world better for them in both the short and long-term. 

How Care Fights Against Poverty

Poverty is a multi-faceted situation, no matter what part of the world in which people may be. Of course, it starts with a lack of opportunity, but that lack of opportunity makes a never-ending loop of continued poverty. Lack of opportunity means lack of education. Lack of education means lack of skill. Lack of skill means a lack of the ability to get what few jobs may be available. This, of course, comes back around to lack of opportunity. 

Care fights against all of these by taking steps to help mitigate each and every part of the poverty cycle. Here's how. 

  • Disaster relief for refugees, women and children, and hunger relief.
  • Working for women's empowerment by ending gender-based violence and child marriage and promoting dignified work. 
  • Promoting better health by securing sexual and reproductive health and rights, child survival, access to water, and fighting against HIV and AIDS.
  • Creating food security through nutrition, agricultural, and sustainable economy education. 
  • Creating more education opportunities through girls' education and youth empowerment.
  • Promoting economic development through market access and microfinance. 

Partners for Making the World Better

Eighto2 Shop is proud to partner with Care in their fight to make the world a better place. At Eighto2 Shop, we're devoted to making the world better by supporting a variety of charities that focus on mental and physical health, ending poverty, and more. 

Care is the perfect fit, and we're happy to help them in their struggle to make the world a brighter place for all. 



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