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Fighting Ebola with CARE International

Posted by Paula Schmitt on

Fighting Ebola is the mission of CARE International. The Democratic Republic of Congo, or DRC, is in the grips of a massive outbreak of the Ebola virus. It's a battle that must be won. That's why Eighto2 Shop is proud to be a part of the solution in fighting Ebola. 

Fighting Ebola. Fighting Suffering

Ebola is a highly contagious, very deadly disease, and in the DRC, it's also an almost certain death sentence. This horrible disease begins as a flu-like illness which quickly turns into a body-ravaging sickness which causes internal hemorrhaging and sometimes external bleeding. Within about two weeks, most of those who contract the disease will be dead. It's a horrible way to die, and it's sweeping through the DRC, which is why fighting Ebola is so important.  

From the beginning of the epidemic, CARE International has been doing what it can to help fight this deadly disease, providing water and sanitation services at health facilities and equipment such as hazard suits and masks to healthcare personnel as they do what they can to stop the disease. 

Spreading the Word

While the Ebola outbreak is a very definite health crisis, it's also a crisis of miscommunication. Believe it or not, many people in the Congo don't believe the disease exists or they believe and think it's spread by humanitarian workers. 

In addition to providing medical supplies CARE International is also providing information to help with fighting Ebola. They are working to spread the truth to communities at greatest risk. Working with community leaders, churches, and civil society groups, CARE International is fighting to get the word out as quickly as possible through sources that locals trust. 

We Can Help with Fighting Ebola

CARE International is doing all they can to help with fighting Ebola, but they need our help. The CARE International team is comprised of an international humanitarian staff working 16 to 20 hours a day and operating on a budget that isn't as robust as they need. 

Eighto2 Shop is proud to partner with CARE International in fighting Ebola. When you purchase a product from our CARE collection, you're helping with the fight against Ebola because proceeds go to CARE International to help fund their mission of fighting Ebola. So please, join us in fighting Ebola and help so many people who desperately need life-saving services. 

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