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Cancer Research Institute and Eighto2 Shop Fight Cancer

Posted by Paula Schmitt on
Cancer Research Institute and Eighto2 Shop Fight Cancer

Cancer Research Institute has been on the forefront of research in this incredibly important field for 65 years. Founded in 1953, the mission of the Cancer Research Institute is to find new ways to treat, and eventually irradicate, cancer. 

A History of Innovation

One of the hallmarks of the Cancer Research Institute is their unique approach to fighting the disease. Rather than doing what everyone else has done, the doctors and researchers a CRI go beyond into unexplored territory. They push the envelope, searching for new ways to battle this disease. 

Major Discoveries

This philosophy of always being at the cutting-edge of research has led to some major discoveries by the Cancer Research Institute that have helped pave the way for more and better cancer-fighting approaches. Through the research at CRI, they have discovered:

  • Immune checkpoints for better cancer drugs
  • CAR T cell therapy
  • Prostate cancer vaccine
  • Discovery of STAT proteins, major pathways involved in cancer development

These are only a few of the major discoveries that the Cancer Research Institute has brought to the forefront of the ongoing battle against cancer.

Partnering to Help Fight Cancer

Eighto2 Shop is proud to be a partner of the Cancer Research Institute and its ongoing mission to treat patients with cancer now, and prevent cancers in the future. Almost everyone in the world has been touched by cancer in some way, and we all know how truly insidious it is. That's why we are happy to donate a portion of our proceeds to this worthwhile cause. 



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