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We design custom products that benefit nonprofits, put a smile on your face and make you happy

Tony Hawk Foundation

Proceeds from our Flying High and Skate On T-shirts
go to The Tony Hawk Foundation. 

Kick Cancer`s Ass

Support Cancer Research Institute

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By purchasing Eighto2 Shop's array of T-shirts for charity, you empower selected organizations and nonprofits to get one step closer to reaching their goals.

At Eighto2 Shop, our T-shirts for charities are designed to support nonprofits and those causes striving to make the world a better place. The foundation of our company is grounded in helping those in need and giving the voiceless a stage to be heard. By purchasing our apparel you are empowering Eighto2 Shop's selected charities and nonprofits to get one step closer to reaching their goals.

Free Eighto2 Shop Products → Share Your Video

Eighto2 Shop’s You Tube Around The World series has loads of shared videos submitted from our loyal friends and shoppers that help us support our charity partners.

We’d love to send you free Eighto2 Shop products if you’d send back a short video of you sharing our awesome products.

To participate in this fun series, please send us your info!

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